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Know your customers. Personalize their experience. Grow visits and spend.

Data-Driven Customer Engagement Tools that Increase Sales


Delight customers with highly targeted messages and incentives based on preferences, profile, and purchase history.

Keep track of all your customers and know their every move—then motivate them to come back and spend more.

  • Centralized for all your locations
  • Registration via app, POS, or control panel
  • Filter customers by any attribute or action
  • Create and target customer segments
  • Combine all your databases in one place
  • Set automations for any action, any time


Get the real-time data and insights you need to boost repeat purchase, increase spend, and make smarter business decisions. With Como Sense, you’re in control. You have the BI at your fingertips to know your customers’ behavior and turn that knowledge into sales.

  • Target customers with surgical precision
  • Detailed reports down to the cart item
  • Profile your customers and segments
  • Data wizard for instant answers
  • Make changes based on real-time analytics
  • Analyze trends to find growth opportunities

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Deliver a relevant, unified customer experience across all touchpoints, whether in store, on your website, or via your mobile app.

Engage customers where they live—on their phones, with richly interconnected channels for reaching out and hearing back from them, too.

  • SMS, push, and pop-up messages
  • Personalization and geotargeting
  • Customer feedback and surveys
  • Facebook sharing and link to your page
  • Email integration


Set up automated, tailored campaigns based on specific business goals to grow sales, promote new products, win back customers, and keep them coming back. We’re here to guide you on maximizing Como Sense for your business. Your success is our goal, and we are committed to getting you there.

  • Dedicated success manager
  • Expert marketing and business advice
  • Campaign tips and best practices
  • Customized reports and insights
  • Marketing and success materials

Screenshot of Marketing Automation


Speed up checkout and enhance the customer experience with a variety of ways to browse, order, and pay directly from your app or website. Como Sense integrates with your POS to create a seamless solution where your entire system works together: customer management, loyalty, and all your online services.

  • POS integration for a full data picture
  • Use beacons with automations
  • Ecommerce capability
  • Ordering service
  • Any other third-party systems
  • Wide variety of payment methods

Screenshot of Loyalty Program POS

Loyalty Program Data


With mobile payments, ordering, push notifications, and more, your customized and branded app is the most effective way to engage with customers wherever they are.

Your customized app reflects your unique business and displays your most important info. It’s your most valuable line of communication to your customers.

  • Showcase your product catalog or menu
  • Multi-location info and navigation
  • Prime real estate for personalized offers
  • Wallet: variety of mobile payments
  • Digital rewards in customers’ pocket
  • Easy to manage with your control panel

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